Cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has given Nigerians a thing to talk about again on Social Media.. This time he’s flaunting a black underwear, and reveals It’s simply the best!

“Some of you here can’t showcase your ass and shape simply because your face is white but you forgot to bleach your ass too”, the crossdresser came for Ladies.. adding that: “I love wearing black pant o, sometimes red, because they are both seductive pants.” He concluded.

Read His full note below;

“Some of u here can’t showcase ur ass and shape simply because ur face is white but u forgot to bleach ur ass too . Lol ? worry no more order your cream and let ur man go crazy for u. Me I love wearing black pant o sometimes red pant too. those two color of pant are called seductive pant. If u want to order for those seductive pant too u can order from me”

He also shared his favorite sex position, and says he likes receiving it from the back. “Chai see that curse ass na doggy sure pass”




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