Grace Makun, wife of fashion designer, Yomi Casual and jewelry store owner has mocked those that now call her a gold-digger for marrying her husband after they comfortably forgot all the insults they threw her way when they began dating.

After seven years of dating, the couple got married in October 2017 and have two children together.

Taking to her Instagram story to reminisce and note the difference in what the naysayers had to say about her marriage, she shared that the same people who talked about her husband being ugly and poor in 2010 are now calling her a gold digger.

In her words;

“You 2010; what did this girl even see in this guy, he doesn’t have money, he is ugly, bla bla
you 2023; look at her, she is there for the money, she is a gold digger, oh look this guy is too cute abeg! A speck
Me; •

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