Dorathy lashes

Big Brother Naija star, Dorathy Bachor has lambasted a Twitter user who criticized her for drinking at the service of songs and night of tribute for late reality TV star, Rico Swavey, held in Lagos on Wednesday evening, October 19.

Dorathy had taken to her Twitter page to share a video of herself and her co-stars singing and holding up their glasses to celebrate Rico’s life . She captioned the video, “We love you Rico 🕊🕊🕊”

Watch below,

However, the display didn’t sit well with a lot of people and many criticized the reality show stars for making merry at Rico’s candle night instead of being sober and mourning his death.

Dorathy lashes

One of the tweeps who slammed Dorathy was @Yuggiio and he opined that if they truly love Rico, they won’t drink at his service of songs.

“This ain’t love”, @Yuggiio wrote.

Dorathy, a 25-year-old enterpreneur, did not take kindly to the comment and fired back at the young man for having an opinion over the way they chose to mourn Rico.

She wrote,

“You’re mad.
You follow me before big brother 😂 I’ve never even heard congratulations from you on anything I’ve done after but when there’s a tweet cooking me, you feel the need to speak 🤣 block yourself now. I don’t even care about these other mfs but it’s your Audacity for me”

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