Lana Rhoades says

Former adult star, Lana Rhoades has called for the pornography industry to be made illegal because it’s not good for all parties.

Rhoades debuted her career as a pornstar in 2016 and featured in over 250 kinky films before quitting eight months later, in 2017.

Speaking on a podcast “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her” recently, the 26-year-old model said she’s still traumatized by the experience, adding that I just I don’t think that it’s good for anyone. They should make it illegal.”

The former adult actress who was 19 when she appeared in her first X-rated movie, claimed she was naïve and didn’t know what she was getting into. According to her, she had only slept with one person before delving into pornography.

“For some reason I never comprehended that to do porn you actually have to have sex with people.”

The mother of one, from Illinios, said she entered the industry because she was fascinated by the glamorous lifestyle of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on TV show “The Girls Next Door”

“I watched the show and I was like, ‘Their lives look so glamorous compared to mine.

“I’m here trying to stop my sister from committing suicide every day and I could be jumping out of a trampoline into a pool in this big mansion,” she said.

Rhoades worked as a waitress and a stripper before relocating to Los Angeles to begin a career as a professional porn star. She quickly gained popularity and became the most searched porn star on Pornhub with over 345 million views.

The mother of one who has over 16 million followers on Instagram now works as a model and fashion designer.

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