A Nigerian woman, Iyanu Ojo is currently battling for her life after her husband doused her with hot water during a scuffle at their home in Ondo state.

It was gathered that following the incident, the house wife was rushed to Owo general hospital, in Ondo State where she’s currently receiving treatment.

According to eyewitnesses, the couple had a disagreement in their home, and in anger, the husband went into their kitchen, boiled water, and then doused it on his wife. He reportedly fled the scene immediately, leaving his wife in so much pain.

Reacting, the wife of the state governor, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, described the incident as bestial and intolerable and vowed to get justice for the victim.

The first lady, stated in a statement that people who commit such horrific acts under whatever pretence do not deserve to live among humans.

“The spate of spousal violence in the country is disturbing and regrettable. It is recurring and requires sterner actions. The narrative is both sad and sour. We cannot continue like this and just cannot afford inertia. Women should, at once, accept the fact that it is foolhardy to indulge abusive spouses to the detriment of one’s mental and physical health.

Why die in an abusive marriage? Women should speak up against abuse and possibly walk out of deleterious relationships. Let me restate it unequivocally that Ondo State will not be a haven to abusers, irrespective of who is involved. In this instance, the Ondo State Agency Against Gender-Based Violence (OSA- GBV) is already involved in the handling of the matter, and I can assure you that justice will surely be served.” the statement read

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