Popular music executive, Soso Soberekon, has highlighted the dangers of entering into marriage with an abusive partner.

In a recent Instagram post addressed to women, he urged them to pay attention to warning signs in their relationship before settling down with a man because of the things they are enjoying.

According to him, a man who beats a woman during courtship is likely to escalate and become worse when they finally get married.

He emphasized that a man who beats a woman in a relationship can potentially kill her in marriage.

Soso further added that it is unfortunate that some women ignore warning signs and end up with an abusive man because of the things they enjoy in the relationship.

“A man who beats you in a relationship can kill you in marriage. But penis,sharwama, catfish pepper soup,Nkwobi & Goodies will not let you have sense.” He wrote.

In other news, a Kaduna-based woman, Karima Nuhu, has sued her husband, Musa Falalu, for allegedly failing to take her to Saudi Arabia.

The 45-year-old sued her husband at a Shari’a Court sitting in Rigasa, Kaduna, on Tuesday, April 18.

Karima Nuhu told the court that she had been married to Falalu for four years, during which he provided her with food for only two months.

“He told me that he lost his job as a driver but had secured another one in Saudi Arabia, urging me to be patient while promising to take me along. So far, I have been the one feeding myself. I even borrowed money including my savings for him so that he would be able to pay for the trip, but after getting what he wanted, he divorced me,” she said.

When asked if she had any witnesses to present in court, she replied that she had none except God, who would judge them on the last day.

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