A Twitter user has narrated how a couple’s wedding which was slated for this December got called off after the groom discovered that his bride-to-be recently paid her ex a visit.

The user with the handle, @jojonitq, in their tweet, revealed that the groom discovered that his woman paid her ex-boyfriend a visit after their engagement and after the bride was confronted about it, her defense was that the visit was a friendly one.

The user wrote,

“My Friends wedding that was supposed to take place by december was called off today, her Fiancé discovered she visited her ex boyfriend after their engagement, she said it was just a friendly visitation”

In other news, Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has reacted to a list of things to check in your girlfriend before you marry her and slammed a troll that insulted her for her opinion.

The list was posted by a man identified as Emmanuel, who outlined all the criteria a girlfriend has to meet before her status could be upgraded.

He wrote;

“Before you marry your babe:
1. Check if she’s popular on FB, IG, Snapchat & Twitter
2. Check why she’s popular
3. If she’s a ‘CEO’, check if she also sells pussy
4. Check if her friends are runs girls
5. Check if she has a bestie
6. Check if she has an “uncle”

The actress however did not agree to this list and insisted they were irrelevant when looking for a life partner.

According to the actress, a woman could be your source of peace and upliftment without meeting all these ridiculous requirements.

In her words;

“This is why you guys always have marital difficulties. Cos you checking all the irelevant things if you like marry mummy GO. woman wey go give you peace and lift you up physically and spiritually, and make you happy, no be by T@t@ mileage them dey take know am. You guys always checking vagina mileage when you should be checking the depth of her heart. Ire o”

A troll called referred to Etinosa as a prostitute for thinking with such a mentality and she slammed him in return.

She wrote;

“it is your mother that is olosho. You born my mistake rifraf. Even on social media your mother is very stupid”

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