A man, identified as V.J Caliwihz, has called out Nigerian music producer, Obi Prosper, professionally known as Speroach Beatz, for alleged fraud.

Man calls out speroach

Caliwhiz shared a lengthy post on Facebook detailing how he was defrauded by the producer.

According to him, Speroach was contracted to produce a song and they came to an agreement of N300,000 fee, which payment was made immediately. Unfortunately, the project could not go on as planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caliwhiz revealed that months later Speroach called off the project and demanded an additional N300K, if he still wants it executed.

He stated that he didn’t want to lose out entirely on the deal, so he agreed to his request but demanded fairer payment conditions.

He requested that the celebrity producer commence the project with the initial payment and he would make the balance payment later, which the producer blatantly refused.

Man calls out speroach

Caliwhiz took to social media to call him out because the celebrity producer has stopped picking his calls and responding to his messages ever since he demanded a refund.

Read his full post below,

I want the whole world to know that Davido’s Producer, SperoachBeatz has duped me of 300k and even demanding for more!

It happened on the 19th December 2019, a friend named Zealarous who’s an artist, a singer had worked with Speroachbeatz, through my younger brother who’s as well aspiring to be a singer, promised to get us connected to Speroachbeatz been that he has worked with him.

So on the 19th December 2019, he accompanied us to Speroachbeatz who lived in Davido’s house (former house before Davido moved to banana island). We all sat down and after much we agreed to his price of 300k which was instantly transferred to his account. Evidence of the transaction is available plus the whole people there can as well testify as I did had some proud moments of happiness and made a few pictures and video.

We couldn’t come to working as the covid-19 pandemic broke out, we kept in contact still awaiting when the pandemic will be over.

This same Speroachbeatz after few months in 2020 during the pandemic said the 300k deal is off and would request an additional 300k making it in total 600k if we still want to work.

After much, not to let the former money die off, I agreed to pay another 300k but requested we do it in a fair basis,that he has to start the work as we have already initially paid 300k,so that before he’s done we can balance the rest and get out work.

Speroachbeatz refused and demands that the additional 300k must be paid and confirmed before he gives us an appointment when he finds the time for it.

I further suggested he should give us a meeting location so my artist can come meet with him one on one and if confirmed that both the artist and Speroachbeatz are together, then I will go ahead and transfer him the additional 300k.

Cos I needed that assurance. Speroachbeatz declined and insisted nothing will be done until I pay him another 300k. And I was no that ain’t gonna work that way.

I disagreed and said that’s not a fair business terms. He dont pick my calls anymore nor respond to my messages nor anything because I request to have my money back,which is the initial 300k paid into his account since we couldn’t reach a fair business terms.

He referred me to talk to someone named Femi, which I did after many times of trying to reach the Femi. Finally got into a call with Femi and I narrated everything to him which he promised to talk to Speroachbeatz and get back to me, till now nothing from femi nor Speroachbeatz.

I went back to Zealarous who initially introduced me to Speroachbeatz and took us(me and my artist) there,I narrated everything to him, he told me he spoke with Speroachbeatz but he can’t do more.

I kinda imagine how many people this Speroachbeatz might have defrauded in through this way.
All I want is my money back. I paid, but he didn’t do my work. so I have the right to get my Money back.
It was later discovered that, that was how he takes advantage of upcoming artistes. He would collect money from them and never produced their music.
SperoachBeatz return my money before the whole world hear about this case.
Kindly share to as many as possible

See his post below,


I want the whole world to know that Davido's Producer, SperoachBeatz has duped me of 300k…

Posted by V.j. Caliwihz on Thursday, January 28, 2021

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