For a man, one of the worst feelings, is the feeling you get just as you walk in on your woman cheating on you.

If you have been cheated on, you wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone.

A man named Paul found himself in a very frustrating situation over the week, when he caught his wife Janet cheating on him.

Reportedly, Janet had been carrying on with a subordinate named Fred. And it had gotten so bad that she was neglecting her family – the couple’s family consist of two children, one of whom is barely a year old.


What happened next is something we could all have expected, Paul went ape, no bananas after he burst into the premises with his sister and another family witness. He whooped the unholy crap out of the illicit lovers then proceeded to take photos of them.

The Photos have circulating online. According to those sharing them, the incident happened in Zambia but this can not be immediately confirmed.






  1. What is ur achievement for exposing her; tomorrow you’ll walk down the street and people will point fingers at you saying “look at that man that his wife cheated on” the shame still remains in your family,you would have just divorce her since its adultery even God supports it.. who knows whether she learnt it from you. #youaintsaint

  2. but no matter anything u dont v to exposed her, I no she is wrong, ur next neighbor dont even supposed to hear it,so nw wat is ur gain the shame I’ll still follow u coz people will point at u,also u v created a history too

    • My dear, don’t mind them. If it were to be d woman dat catch d man with another woman now. No case even he can even beat her up if she talks too much or u will see many men and some foolish women saying endure it, don’t question him, just keep quite or just be praying even when d woman is being abused but now u will be hearing them saying kill her, send her packing or throwing insults on d woman

  3. As for me sha..when u help som1 cover his or her dirty lifestyle tendencies it will keep occurring are higher…but if u speak out there will be rebuke and that can change her lifestyle for her own good

  4. Hmmm when man cheat dem go so dat y his man buh if it happens d other way round woman no go rest hmmmmmm olohun wa….do to others wat u wnt dem to do to u… aren’t supporting wah she did…buh hmmm olohun wa dat all ve got to say…peace

  5. Yoruba adage says: ori bibe ko ni ogun ori fi fon…medicine for headache is not cutting of the head. D shame is on d husband not the wife and d kids she bear for him is better u call on her family member or spiritual father to speak with her or u end d relationship if u can’t stand it…. but can u swear as a man u never touch another woman since u married her? As they born prince na so them born slave. …

  6. I don’t no wats really happening this days, expose watsap cart BTW boy nd, exposing wife cheating, blackmailing people girls, girls blackmailing sugar daddy and so on I think you people need to rethink is not everything that you most bring to the Internet for the world to see you can just tell her to park or report her to her family members, this is an everlasting disgrace bcos the whole world is seen it now and you can not take it bck…. Hummm

  7. Exposing the woman was definitely not the best because she could very possibly repent of her behavior and then what next ? Her personality has already been bastardized.

  8. But what will make a woman to bring in a man to sleep with her in her matrimonial bed ,and what will give the man the courage to come ,no matter how bad the marriage is , that she commited adultery its bad but on her matrimonial home is the height of irresistiblity


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