Fr. Oluoma advises

Nigerian Catholic priest, Reverend Father Oluoma has offered a piece of advice to single ladies above the age of 35 who desire to get married.

During a recent sermon in his church, the clergyman advised these ladies to break conventional norms and pursue any man who has shown interest in them but lacks the courage to approach them.

 Fr. Oluoma advises

He suggested that it’s wiser for them to take the initiative, rather than waiting for a grand romantic proposal at their age.

His words,

“At 35 years of age, my dear sister…You are waiting for a man who would come and propose to you at the airport? 35 years? You are not ready oh! You are waiting for a man to come and propose to you…You don dey enter men-o-pause….What it means is that men will pause.

Break the law! I am saying it and it might sound funny but I am serious. ..If you are a young girl here , marriage is your calling, you know you can be a good wife , good mother, you desire it and you are 35, If you happen to see any guy who is interested in you but he does not have the courage, you discover that this guy has shown signs of liking you but he doesn’t have the courage to speak to you…My dear sister, break the useless law, approach that guy and say ‘Bro, I have noticed you look at me somehow. I know you like me, you don’t have the courage. The guy will ‘mumuishly’ be laughing.”

Watch him speak below,

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