Former presidential aide and human right activist, Reno Omokri has opined that men who cry after an heartbreak are weaklings.

According to him, if a man cries over the death of a loved one, it is honorable, but if he cries over a woman then he’s a weakling.

Reno who is popular for his nuggets on social media stated this in a recent post he shared on micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

In his words,

“A man crying over the death of loved ones is honorable. But if he weeps because a girl left him, or HE LOST AN ELECTION, he projects weakness. Not that he shouldn’t cry. But he should cry privately to God. Yes, Christ wept. But where? He wept at Lazarus’s funeral!”

See his post below,

This is coming after Reno advised men never to hit a woman even if she slapped them first.

Reno Omokri took to his official Twitter page to share this piece of advise. According to him, society will turn a blind eye to the woman who attacked first but the man will be heavily criticized for hitting a woman.

He further emphasized that men should never retaliate when attacked by a woman because that singular action can land them in serious trouble.

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