A Nigerian man has asked his followers to pray for him after having a nightmare and waking up with a wound on his body.

The man identified as, David Chile Orji, said he had a dream that a couple were trying to stab him with kitchen knives, but he managed to escape with only a cut from the woman.

He noted that when he woke from the dream, he saw that he was bleeding from a cut on his back, on the spot where the woman had stabbed him in his dream.

Sharing a photo of the wound, he wrote,

“Pls pray for me, I slept last night and in my dream I was attacked by a man and a woman with kitchen knifes they tried to stab me but I escaped with only a cut from the woman. I woke up this morning and it was visible. But I know the God I have his thought for me is good and not evil, no matter the meaning I will be victorious, join me and pray God bless you”.

See his post below,

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