Man and his friend bare

It’s said that people respond to heartbreak differently but a South African man has taken his heartbreak up a notch by showing up at his ex-girlfriend’s house with his friend every single day to bare their butts.

In the rather bewildering series of events, after the lady ended her relationship with the young man, he and his friend started pulling up in front of her compound every morning to spread their butt cheeks in the direction of her house.

A Twitter user with handle @Kokoleo_zn took to the platform to relay the incident, and disclosed that the victim took a photo of them and shared it on the neighborhood watch group.

See the picture below,

He tweeted,

“So apparently this lady broke up with this gent and she posted in the neighbourhood watch group that he has been pulling up every morning to do this

I’m so confused.

“Our friendship has to be close for me to participate in this nonsense with u

These are grown men bruh”.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions online as netizens wondered why the man’s friend agreed to participate in the barbaric act with him.

See some reactions below,

@mdisaotile wrote, “I am impressed by the friendship. My friends would never do this for me, I need new friends 😂😂😂😂”

@thecarter80 wrote, “He’s not only crazy, but goofy too. Hope I solved that for you.”

wrote, “The dogs must wonder if humans are usually this stupid.”

@stella_dlangs wrote, “I’m not doing this for any of my friends. Let’s do a drive by and give the middle finger rather. Not spreading our butt cheeks, isidima sona?!😭😂”

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