Nigerian man says

A Nigerian man, identified as Moses Joseph, has said that it’s an abomination for a woman to cheat on her husband.

Joseph stated this on Facebook on Thursday, November 24, while responding to a question on whether it’s good for a woman to cheat as payback if she catches her husband cheating.

According to him, it’s a sin for a man to have an extramarital affair but a bigger sin – an abomination – for a woman to do same.

He went on to advise women against doing such because ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

“Any woman that do it is to her detriment, it doesn’t pay, two wrong can’t make a right.

For a man to have extramarital affair is a sin but for a woman to have extramarital affair is abomination, a thing that ought not to happen at all,” he wrote.

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In other news, a South African woman has revealed why she turned down her baby daddy’s marriage proposal after dating him for eight years.

Taking to Twitter to give a lengthy explanation, @Zizipho_Majama said she rejected his proposal because she was considering his finances and capability to cater for their family.

The lady, who disclosed that her child’s father is an aspiring medical doctor who would return back to school for another 4-5 years, said he would not have a source of income during those years and she doesn’t want him to bear the burden of providing for their home. ICYMI

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