An unnamed young man reportedly battered a lady’s face, causing her to bleed for refusing to talk to him.

According to viral reports, the lady in question entered a taxi and the man, who was also a passenger, tried to strike a conversation with her but she refused.

Following her refusal to converse with him, this reportedly angered the man and allegedly attacked her. After beating the lady to a pulp, he’s heard boasting with another man in the taxi that the lady is “ugly” and not even as hot as their girlfriends, yet she’s feeling too proud.

A friend of the victim, @Stellachonye, who took to Twitter to share the story revealed the incident happened in Port Harcourt.

Fortunately the victim was able to film the attacker and he has now been detained at the Ozuoba Police Station, Port Harcourt.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Stella wrote,

“A guy did this to my friend all because she refused talking and telling him her name..please help me find him, he needs to pay”.

Watch video below,

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