A Twitter user with handle, @AdedoyinGabriel has had the sympathy of a lot of users after he took to the social networking platform to narrate an unfortunate incident that happened to him.

According to the gentleman, his car which is barely a year old since he purchased it was stolen in broad daylight in the Federal Capital Territory, in front of Utako Market.

Adedoyin while sharing his story, revealed how he’s been left heartbroken over the grand theft auto. He says the car was stolen alongside other valuables such as his laptop and tablet that were inside the vehicle.

He wrote in a series of tweets,

You broke me too

At around 1pm yesterday, I came out of the market to realise that my world had been reduced to an empty space. My small Toyota Corolla 04, in which I had my laptop, tablet and several personal effects, had disappeared.

I’m a young Nigerian Hustler, my friends will testify to this. I wasn’t born into wealth, I’m working tooth and nail, knowing that the hope of my family lies on my shoulders. I’m a young Medical Doctor turn Graphic Designer and an IELTS Tutor who is currently coding his night”

Here’s what he wrote in full,

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