A young man was left in shock after his girlfriend caught him on a date with another woman.

According to the lady, who shared the video showing her man’s reaction, she traced him to an eatery where he was having a date with another lady, but she did not confront either of them.

She admitted that she had simply sat on a chair near where he and the other lady were.

In the video she posted online, the moment he spotted her sitting across from them, his eyes opened wide in shock.

Watch video below,

In other news, a young Nigerian man got more than what he BUDGETED for when he recently took a girl on a date.

According to the young man, he spent so much on the date, and when she was about to leave, she decided to also ask him for transport fair.

He ended up asking other social media users whether her behavior wasnโ€™t tantamount to that of a mad person.

His post on Twitter read;

Met her today, took her to restaurant, spent 30k on her orders, brought her home she still order pizza 6k , now she wants to leave sheโ€™s demanding transport, donโ€™t you think she is mad ?

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