A Twitter user, @radioboycragg, has taken to the platform to share his encounter with a graduate of aeronautical engineering who resorted to driving danfo to survive.

According to Cragg, the bus driver despite being a graduate resulted to driving buses for the Agege park chairman to fend for his family.

The Twitter user disclosed he boarded the bus from Agege to Iyana Ipaja and was shocked to discover the driver is an aeronautical engineer, who is a victim of dysfunctional society.

A noted that the story of the young man was touching and moved him to tears.

He tweeted,

”Hahaha, just reminded of last Saturday when the driver that took me from agege to yanapaja, man is an Aircraft engineer, driving bus for the Agbero chairman of Agege motor park.

“I wept, man was like can’t let family starve. Aircraft engineer now driving for agbero”.

See screenshot of his post below,

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