Man narrates

A Ugandan man, Michael Mumuramye, has taken to Twitter to narrate how a woman he dated for six years ended up marrying his friend.

Recalling the incident, Michael said his girlfriend was traveling to Kigali, Rwanda, and needed help with getting a suitable accommodation.

Out of the goodness of his heart, he contacted his friend in Rwanda to help her get a place, but this proved to be a bad decision because his friend fell in love with his girlfriend and they eventually married.

Man narrates

Though he didn’t share details of how his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship, Michael said she and his friend have been married for five years.

“A lady I dated 6 yrs ago had travelled to Kigali. As a concerned BF I called a one of my friends over there to help her get good accommodation. Long story short, they’ve been married for 5 yrs now. Since then, I fear short ladies with big foreheads which look like a solar panel,” he tweeted on Wednesday, May 24.

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In other news, a young man has taken to social media to share a story of how a couple, a man and his wife who are his neighbors were fighting over a fish head.
The young man who tweeted the incident said that his mother had to go separate the arguing married couple around two in the morning.

He said that the guy was upset with his wife because she had eaten the fish’s head while leaving him with the tail.

He tweeted;

“If I told you my parents settled a coupes fight around 2 am, the origin being that she ate the head of fish before he returned from work and served him the Tail, would you believe?”

This is why I keep hammering on socialization. Cos there is no way hormones or perceived naturality was responsible for the importance a 40+ man places on the head of fish.”

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