A Facebook user, Kingsley Anayo Ojimadu, shared that his brother Joseph died as a result of an alleged police reckless driving in Delta State, on October 6th, 2016.

He shared above photos and wrote;

“I’m in serious pain. My heart is heavy. I don’t know a day like this will come. My lovely younger brother died in a ghastly motor accident yesterday caused by police reckless driving, Kwale division precisely, by Ibusa/Asaba express road.

The painful part of it all is that some policemen who came to the scene only rescued their men living my brother to die in the burning vehicle. Chinedu Joseph Ojimadu, so your bros will not see you again? Uwa!

My kid brother Joseph Chinedu Ojimadu was laid to rest two days ago, being on the 29th of October, 2016. He died in a ghastly motor accident caused by reckless driving of Kwale divissional police, along Ibusa/Warri express way on the 6th of October.

From the 6th to 29th of October the police killed him, the head of Kwale divissional police, CSP Emmanuel Ogbuanya(08033969550) and company did not visit the deseased family. The last time the President of Ndigbo in Kwale visited him to inquire their quietness towards the young man’s life they took untimely, CSP Emmaouel Ogbuanya said that the matter wasn’t in his jury, except at Ibusa where the accident occured, meanwhile he was the person who sent his men an errand to Area Command at Asaba before the sorry story.

Can i ever be proud of Nigeria? There’s no hope for Nigeria!”


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