A Nigerian fisherman has been lambasted on social media for allegedly killing a dolphin. The unnamed man was tackled by social media users who felt he was wrong to have killed such a docile animal that poses no harm to humans.

According to the photos shared on social media by Imo City News, the Nigerian man killed the dolphin yesterday at Ibeno local government in Akwa Ibom State. Many people have called for his arrest.

Sharing the news on social media yesterday, Imo City News wrote: “This dolphin was killed today in Ibeno local government in Akwa Ibom State.

A humble fish that can save people from dying in water was killed by a Nigerian.”

Read reactions below:

Agbowu Christ Ejike wrote: “Lols is there any law preventing him from fishing in such river or killing such fish in such river ? I share your sentiments though but we should be more concerned about our country men killed everyday in the hands of monsters, and our own lives too, because, we will have to live first to save animals. What a poor thing!”

Onyenkuzi Biafra Ebuka added: “Edon Ooh why do you kill this harmless and caring fish that always save human life the most fastest fish on earth that love human being so much…dont kill such fish next.”

Responding, Fabrizio Innocent said: “He probably doesn’t know anything about a dolphin. All he thinks about is food. That’s the point nigeria is in.”

Another commenter, Egbuchulam Charles Uzoma added: “Oga na ignoramus, don’t blame him so much, bad government for 9ja follow,
Well , Oga you have to learn from your mistake ! That Fish acts like humans, so friendly, fish that saves human inside the water . Please don’t try it next time ! @ killer.”

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