A Nigerian man has reportedly died of shock after discovering that his wife, whom he sponsored abroad for a better life, has gotten pregnant by another man.
According to a Twitter user, @BolanleCole, who shared the story on the microblogging platform, the man had struggled to send his wife and two kids to the United Kingdom so they could have a better life while he remained in Nigeria.

Sadly, when the wife got there, she began having extramarital affairs with other men until she fell pregnant, and the husband only found out about it recently.

Bolanle Cole noted that the news of his wife’s infidelity and pregnancy was too much for the man to bear, resulting in his death.

“A man struggled and sent his wife and two kids to Liverpool in uk for better life and conducive environment only for the wife to start having affairs with another man and even got pregnant for the man. The husband in Nigeria didn’t know until the woman gave birth, it was the shock of the news that killed the man. Things are happening.” The Twitter user narrated.

See his post below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman has reportedly passed away after being forced to get an abortion by her chauvinist husband.

According to Twitter user @_Mayowa_Sam, the woman’s husband forced her to get an abortion because he doesn’t want another female child.

The couple reportedly had three daughters before she became pregnant again. Out of concern about the child’s gender, the husband allegedly ordered his wife to terminate the pregnancy.

Sadly, she died as a result of complications from the abortion. The husband is said to be currently on the run.

She tweeted,

“This man asked his wife to go for an abortion, saying he is sure she’s carrying another baby girl. The wife died on Tuesday after the abortion. They had only 3 girls. The ladies family don’t know his whereabout at the moment.”

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