Man reportedly sends

A UK-based Nigerian man has reportedly sent his wife and children back to Nigeria after she worked hard to pay his tuition at a UK university.

According to a lady who relayed the incident online, the man travelled to the UK to study and took his wife and kids along as his dependents.

Upon their relocation, his wife got a full-time job to pay their bills and his school fees till he graduated from school.

Sadly, when he completed his studies and got a job, he got a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) from his UK employer and didn’t include his family in the visa.

He then asked his wife and children to return to Nigeria for reasons best known to him, knowing fully well that their dependent visa expires in May.

The lady who recounted the incident said the woman involved is a close friend of hers, and she is currently at a loss for what to do because all of her money was spent on paying her husband’s tuition.

Watch her speak below,

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