A South African Vlogger has advised men against marrying women above 30 years old as he gives a detailed analogy of their ‘sexual history’.

South-African man says

The self-acclaimed antifeminist, identified as @ShadayaKnight_ on Twitter, opined that 30+ women must have had 12 years of sexual experience if they started having sex from the legal age.

He went on to analyse the number of men the women would have slept with before turning 30 and concluded that they are not fit for marriage.

According to him, the only category of men that should consider getting married to a 30+ woman are those above 40 years, divorcees, widowers or polygamous men.

Read his full post below,

The man’s post has triggered some women on social media and they’ve lambasted him for his “nonsensical” argument.

See reactions below,

_chi.ama.ka wrote, “Couldn’t even finish it, reeks of stupidity. I wonder how people reason this days.”

vanessa3815 wrote, “Men really assume they’re special 😂😂 just imagine. Reasons why I’m picky, I can’t imagine dating or kissing someone like this.”

bosswhyt wrote, “How person go sit down, reason this kain nonsense is what I don’t understand.”



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