A young man has sought advice online after his wife slept with their gateman and got pregnant when he traveled for work abroad.

The young guy said that after leaving for Dubai, he returned after eight months to find his wife expecting a baby for their gateman.

The guy claimed that in order to keep from cheating on his wife while abroad, he had to masturbate to control his sexual edge.

He stated that a lot of people have asked him to forgive his wife but the sight of the child reminds him of his wife’s infidelity.

He wrote;

“What advice can you give a man who left his wife and traveled to Dubai for greener pasture. He spent 8 months before coming back only to find out that her wife is already sleeping with our gateman. To the extent that she is already 5 months pregnant & . People are telling me to forgive her but seeing that child will always remind me of the affairs. I have never cheated on her even with all the temptation I face daily. I started masturbating just to reduce the sexual urge in order not to cheat on her cos I love her so much. What advice do you have for me. Our marriage is not up to a year. Please hide my identity.”

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