A man has elicited sweet emotions after he shared the messages he received from his wife while he was moderating a panel session.

The man identified as Kwabena revealed that he recently anchored a panel session. Unknown to him, his wife was in the audience. She then wrote him a message to encourage him and congratulate him on a job well done throughout the session.

The romantic wife also asked her husband to look in her direction so that she could blow him a kiss.

Sharing a screenshot of the chat on Twitter, the man wrote,

“Lol I was at a work event yesterday and I had to moderate a panel session. LOML was in the audience”.

In other news, a Nigerian man based abroad has taken to Facebook to call out his wife’s boyfriend for refusing to leave her alone.

The aggrieved husband, who has been overseas for six years and left his wife in Nigeria with their two kids, disclosed that he had been tracking his wife’s phone and discovered that she was dating a certain Segun.

He then reached out to Segun to beg him to leave his wife alone, but his response was quite surprising as he remained adamant and advised him to officially divorce his wife so he can fully take over.

After running out of options on how to beg the man, he took to a Facebook forum to appeal to the general public to beg his wife’s boyfriend because he doesn’t want to lose her.

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