A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the platform to narrate how a plumber he hired to work in his house, treated himself to a delicious meal using his foodstuff in his absence.

According to the man, he left the plumber who he hired to work on his kitchen tap, alone at home but told his neighbour to supervise.

Fortunately he had to pick a document so he rushed home and walked in on the plumber who had made himself comfortable with a pot of noodles.

He noted that on getting to the house he noticed the plumber was looking suspicious and the aroma of cooked noodles filled the house.

He went into the kitchen only to discover that the plumber had used his gas to cook his noodles, without completing his job.

Narrating the event which left him in shock, he wrote,

“I dashed home around noon to pick a document. I saw the plumber I contracted in the morning; uneasy, looking left/right and forming unnecessary busy. Aroma of noodles filled the air and I went to the kitchen to find a freshly cooked, opened pot of noodles hidden behind the gas”.

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