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Two man suspected to be members of a cult group have been apprehended for stabbing 21-year-old Ifako United Football Club goalkeeper.

The incident happened on Friday (January 15) according to reports by Punch, the deceased Owawu Samuel was killed by two suspected cultists identified as Adebayo Ahmed, 22, and Ajose Isah at Ifako area of Lagos state.

According to a close friend of the victim called Salami Jimoh. The cultist came looking for the decrease requesting he must buy them drinks after they find out that he had previously bought drinks for other of their friends.

“At Ifako General Hospital where Samuel was confirmed dead, Adebayo was still pointing at him saying ‘you must die’ before he was later taken to Pen Cinema Police Station where he is being interrogated.” Says Jimoh.

However, it is still unclear how they managed to stab the victim, whom his close friend said he saw them having a discussion, but not too long after the victim met with his two friends, he was reported to have been stabbed.

There is an ongoing Investigation to fish out the real culprit to this crime.

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