Man whose neighbor

A Nigerian man is currently trending on Facebook after he shared his perverse thoughts towards the 14-year-old daughter of his neighbour.

Man whose neighbor

The man named Nsi Kak disclosed that his neighbours are travelling but can’t take their 14-year-old daughter along because she has to go to school, so they are leaving her in his care.

According to him, he doesn’t trust himself not to touch her because of what “she’s carrying at her front and back”.

Read his post below,

Man whose neighbor

However, he received heavy backlash on Facebook for sexualizing the minor and displaying pedophilia tendencies. Reacting to this, he deleted the post and tendered an apology to the public.

He also alleged that his claims of having a 14-year-old neighbour is false.

Nsi wrote,

“Hey, I apologise.
I’m wondering why this very post is getting all this reaction, it was JUST a post.
Firstly, we don’t have any 14 years old girl in our compound.
Secondly, none of our neighbors is traveling anywhere.
Thirdly, I’m not at home.
I wasn’t looking for any visibility or anything, I love my low key, that’s the reason why I deleted the post, the fame and dragging was too much.
But y’all have something in mind, 50% of you guys that said trash about me, I feel it hypocrite.
Maybe it because I used 14 years old girl, I was just trying create something related to Oxlade recent trend. I had nothing bad in mind.
I’m sorry guys, peace should reign. ❤️”

See below,

Man whose neighbor

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