Kiddwaya reacts

Reality TV star and billionaire son, Kiddwaya has reacted after being dragged to filth over his comment about God.

The 29-year-old BBNaija star had taken to Twitter to advise people not to put too much faith in God because he already gave them the power to believe in themselves.

The tweet reads, “Try not put your faith in God too much. He gave us the power to believe in ourselves.”

This did not sit well with a lot of people and they slammed him for underrating the power of God, while others said he is speaking from a place of privilege because he was born into wealth.

See how some reacted below,

Twitter user, @thesheddyking wrote, “I need to make money so I can start tweeting nonsense in the name of motivation”

@emykingofficial1 wrote, “See public figure wey dey yarn dust chai. Now like this you don drop quote abi motivation… Mtchew”

Kiddwaya reacts

@boodaleye wrote, “There can’t be “too much” Faith with God. God wants us to trust in COMPLETELY

Rich Kidd, this is misleading”

Reacting to the backlash, Kiddwaya in a follow-up tweet said Nigerians are too backwards and can’t comprehend a world without religion.

“You failed to understand a simple message in that tweet. You like many other Nigerian’s are backwards and can’t fathom a world outside religion or taboo subjects. You can’t even challenge yourself to think outside the status quo. You’re thirst for click baits has made you fragile”, he wrote.

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