Nigerian content creator, Stephen Muoka, aka Mr. Eluu P who became popular after his comical counting of Labour party votes during the presidential election has revealed that he has received a lot of money from Nigerians.

Speaking during an interview with The Punch he said that he’s been getting a lot of attention as a result of what he did and he also received donations from different people.

In his words;

“Many persons sent me money, and they said I should not mention it. In total, I got about N300,000. I have plans for the money. I am trying to sustain my fame. Also, I want to further my education. Before the ‘Eluu P’ video, I was working as a mechanic, fixing automobiles.
The video was recorded at Onu Orei Amechi Road, Topland, Enugu State. That was where my polling unit was. The Labour Party won that polling unit. I was not the one who recorded the video. One of my friends, Kachi, did. He put the video on TikTok. It was from there that a popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, picked it. From there, the video went viral. I did not even know that my friend was recording me. It was after the video went viral that I got to know about it.”

When asked if the Labour party candidate or members of his team reached out, he said;

“Not yet, but I desire to meet Peter Obi one day. I have a hundred per cent hope that one day, I would meet him.”
The video made me very popular and I feel so happy about that. I did not know that it would go viral, considering that I did not tell anyone to record me in the first place. So many persons have appreciated me so far. They said I put smiles on their faces again when they felt there was no hope. However, their spirits were lightened with the ‘Eluu P’ video.”

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