Nigerian lady shares

A Nigerian woman, identified as ToniaGold Agim, has taken to social media to rejoice as she finally gets married to her heartthrob.

Tonia, in a post shared on Facebook, shared the testimony of how God put her mockers to shame and blessed her with a husband.

For years, she was humiliated by her family and friends because of her single status, and she despised attending family occasions because of the questions she would be asked. Fortunately, she has finally tied the knot.

Nigerian lady shares

She shared lovely photos of herself and her husband, with the caption,

“There are times when I gave up, there are times I felt left out, there are times I smile outside and sober in my closed door. And there are so many times I felt the lord has forsaken me and refuse to turn to my page,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

I can’t forget when I changed direction just to avoid some certain person cos of a particular question I hate “Tonia how far wen we go come chop rice mtchewwww”

Nigerian lady shares

I will go home and say God will u continue to sit and watch your daughter been mocked, I say my God that question is for u thou not me

I stopped going to family house cos I knw mom will be like TIM how far? You knw that kind of how far na. But I refuse to be desperate, I refuse to get scared, I refuse to stop believing.

“I ask for a man he gave me a husband. I asked for testimony he blessed me with the one that my enemies are testifying on my behalf, funny right? but God did it.

Here I am a MRS. A beautiful Wife. Thanks for all the disappointment cos they brought me to my TESTIMONY!!

Nigerian lady shares

Indeed love is a beautiful thing and I have found love. Your girl has found love.

I pray my marriage bring forth blessings to all single ladies believing in God, especially my very own. Just keep trusting God and he will make everything beautiful in his own time.”

See her post below,

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