Mike Bamiloye warns

Popular Nigerian actor and evangelist, Mike Bamiloye, has taken to social media to warn single folks celebrating Valentine’s Day against engaging in sexual immorality.

The filmmaker cautioned that some people will engage in sexual relations with ghosts and spirits from demonic kingdoms who are after the souls of unsuspecting men and women.

According to him, some people will pollute their destinies and fortunes on the bed of fornication, while others will wake up empty and hollow after a night of pleasure.

Mike Bamiloye warns

In a follow-up post, Mike Bamiloye emphasized that the only lawful sex that will happen tonight is between legally married couples.

Taking to his Instagram page to sound the warning on Wednesday, February 14, he wrote,


“Many would sleep on the same bed tonight with ghosts and spirits from Demonic kingdoms who had come to make vows and covenants with the sons and daughters of men.

“Blood would flow tonight. Blood shall be exchanged tonight on Covenant Beds.

“Fluids of men shall be submitted tonight in the shrines of the evil kingdom.

“The fortunes and destinies of many young girls and Ladies would end up tonight in Shrines of Money Rituals.

“Destinies and fortunes and Meaningfulness of life shall be polluted this evening and By TOMORROW MORNING, Many shall wake up empty and Shallow and Light.

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