Nollywood actress Olayode Juliana who is famed for her role in Funke Akindele’s Jenifa Diary series as ‘Toyo Baby’ has in a recent chat with The Nation reiterated her belief against sex before marriage.

According to the screen star, she believes sex before marriage will eventually lead to infidelity when the partners eventually become married, because they start comparing their partner’s sexual prowess with that of the people they had sex with previously, before marriage.

When asked if she believes that sex before marriage makes relationships more complicated, Juliana responded:

“Yes I do. Sex before marriage makes relationship more complicated. Some ladies date more than five men before marriage and sleep with all of them because they see it as a norm or a way to prove their love against God’s standard. I personally believe that there is a lot to sex than the pleasure it gives. It makes you become one with the person. It ties you with the person, such that when you marry you compare your previous sexual life with your present and the memories of how you did it with the other person won’t leave you, expecting more from your husband or wife, forgetting that we are all not the same and our sexual lives can’t be the same as well.

“That’s what leads to cheating in marriage. Some men or women can’t imagine been faithful to just one person because they’ve done it with several people in their past or before marriage so it’s difficult. Research has it and I learnt that if you had sex with a particular person if you meet the person years after and you’re alone or whatever, it is very possible that you will do it again.”

On being a really strong advocate on ‘no sex before marriage, she said:

“Sex is good, don’t get me wrong, I mean God created it and everything He made is good and beautiful but sex before marriage is what makes it bad and wrong and sex with anyone else apart from your husband or wife in marriage is bad as well.”


  1. U complicated yourself in every way possible the only thing I see that is true is the fact that God didn’t plan sex for unmarried people. Sex before marriage dosnt lead to cheating if anything it helps u decide who is ur best partner. I’m not an advocate for sex before but saying it’s leads to cheating is just not true.

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