Rev Ajayi questions

A Nigerian clergywoman based in the United Kingdom, Reverend Esther Ajayi, has addressed married Nigerian couples planning to relocate abroad.

The General Overseer of the Love of Christ Generation (C & S) Church, London, spoke about the current rave among Nigerians to ‘japa’ while preaching in her church recently.

She questioned if married couples are ready to face the reality of living in a foreign clime, and if their marriage can stand the test of time abroad.

 Rev Ajayi questions

According to her, there is a wide difference between the way things work in Nigeria and abroad, so they should think properly before making the decision.

She further stated that some people live better lives in Nigeria but because of the obsession to ‘japa’, they leave Nigeria and end up living average lives abroad.

She further advised them to reconsider moving abroad if God is not leading them to migrate from Nigeria.

Watch her speak below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman living in Canada has informed other Nigerian women planning to relocate abroad not to come with the expectation of finding love there.
The young lady in a video she shared on TikTok stated that there are no husbands abroad.

In light of this, she urged Nigerian women to find a husband or, even better, get married before proceeding with their relocation plans.

“There’s no husband here abroad. If you have someone you want to get married to , marry that person and bring him here. If you’re thing you will find him here, its not possible, he’s not here”.

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