A Nigerian man, Klem Laz, has blamed the worrying increase in failed marriages on premarital intercourse.

Laz, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, December 19, 2022, said marriages started having issues when the importance of keeping one’s chastity until marriage was ignored.

He asserted that premarital sex is an idea from the devil, hence, couples who engage in it may experience problems in their marriage.

“Marriages started having issues when the importance of virginity before marriage was ignored. Let’s go back to God’s standard.” He said.

“Tasting who you want to marry to ascertain sexual compatibility is an idea from the devil.” He added.

In other news, a bride refused to marry her groom on her wedding day, leaving her guests and officiating priests in total confusion.

A viral clip showed the yet-to-be identified couple at the altar, ready to exchange wedding vows, when the bride declined to be joined to her groom.

The bride was donned in a spotless white wedding dress and her groom in a stylish blue suit, and they had been involved in all the activities at the ceremony, but disaster struck when they were called to the front of the church to take their vows.

The bride was given the microphone to read her vows, but she refused to utter a word.

After several attempts to persuade the bride to take her wedding vows failed, the bewildered priest asked if she wasn’t ready for the marriage, to which she responded in the affirmative, eliciting screams of shock from the audience.

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