Married men give

Several married men on Twitter have revealed that they have considered leaving their wives and children to start a new life.

They opened up in response to a Twitter user who asked married men if they had ever thought of abandoning their family and disappear into thin air.

The tweep with handle @polo_kimani had tweeted on Thursday, February 9,

“Married men on my Timeline, How many times have you thought of waking up you leave and not comeback? You just disappear”

The tweet quickly went viral on Twitter with over 2 million views, and elicited a ton of shocking and unexpected responses from men.

Some married men admitted that they have considered leaving their families and everything they had worked hard for to start a new life somewhere else.

While others revealed that they had already abandoned their wives and children a long time ago and have no regrets.

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On the flip side, some men who appear to be committed to making their marriages work, said the thought of leaving has never crossed their minds.

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See the controversial tweet below,

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