Jemima Osunde shoots

Nigeran actress, Jemima Osunde has publicly indicated interest in becoming the wife of sensational Nigerian singer, Ric Hassani.

 Jemima Osunde shoots

The ‘Thunder fire you’ crooner, who is on vacation in America, had taken to Twitter to share photos of himself and bragged about how the climate suits him.

“See naw, America fit me die, I swear”, Ric Hassani tweeted.

 Jemima Osunde shoots

The photos apparently captured the attention of the actress and she jumped on the opportunity to declare her interest in the singer.

Jemima noted that even though he took the pictures like an elderly person, she doesn’t mind and would still get married to him.

She quoted his tweet and wrote, “Ric, even though you snapped these selfies like my daddy’s age mate, I can still marry you.”

Jemima’s open declaration has generated mixed reactions on Twitter as some tweeps were shocked by her boldness. However, she has clarified that it was only a joke.

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