A Nigerian tricyclist has claimed that driving a tricycle locally known as “Keke Napep” as an occupation is more profitable than a teaching job.

Speaking in his Yoruba dialect, the Keke Napep driver stated reasons why the tricycle job is preferable to a teaching job and other white collar job; driving Keke Napep is lucrative.

According to him, people should not be deceived that a Keke job is not profitable – he earns more than the sum of six thousand naira within two hours of conveying his passengers to their destination.

In contrary, he stated that a teacher or a 9am to 5pm employee cannot afford to take out six thousand naira from their salary because it will amount to nothing. He mentioned that driving of Keke Napep is a well paying job as he earns a lot in hours.


He further explained that receiving the sum of five thousand naira daily within two hours in a month is financially rewarding.

The video shared on TikTok has captured viewers attention, who disagreed with the man’s perspective of the Keke Napep job being profitable than other occupation.

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@anikkybabe20 Ok Don’t allow ur children go to school ooo oga start teaching them Maruwa work😂😂😂u will learn.

@innocentben One thing commercial drivers and operators don’t know is the fact that d moni dey make on daily basis is not all there’s, some part of it will be used

@sogoabayomi At the end of the week your fellow operator will come and give stories that touched the heart when it’s time for remittance

@holuwaconquer It Is the fact that he is talking down on another job for me .. he could have just made his point without talking down on another

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