Christian Tiktoker says

A ‘Christian Tiktoker’ has caused a buzz online after she claimed that masturbation is a form of witchcraft that creates generational curses.

In the trending clip which has amassed over 600k views on TikTok so far, the woman spoke passionately about the ‘dangers’ of masturbation and said it will put a curse on one’s family.

In the 46-seconds video, the woman, speaking against masturbation, said,

“Masturbation is a form of witchcraft.

Not anyone is realizing that this is a demonic attack its a form of witchcraft. Masturbation is a form of control.

“You understand you are literally controlling an orgasm, you’re controlling your own pleasure, that is witchcraft.

“That is a curse that you begin to place over your own life that will then literally bleed into your future children’s life.

“This means that this will become a generational curse that you started or that your parents started that will now go to the next generation, it is witchcraft.”

After citing her points, she began to denounce masturbation and sexual immorality “in the name of Jesus’.

“I cancel the assignment of wet dreams. I cancel the assignment of having orgasms in my dreams.” She said

“I cancel the assignment of masturbation. I cancel the assignment of sexual immorality over my life.

“You got to bind the enemy, in the name of Jesus we break all masturbation and witchcraft off your life now.”

A Twitter user who reposted the video on the micro-blogging platform, causing it to also go viral on Twitter, captioned it,

“This Christian influencer says masturbation is witchcraft and creates generational curses that will “literally bleed into your future children’s life.

“I don’t miss these Pentecostal circles at all. So much needless shame.”

Watch her speak below,

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