Nkechi Sunday Blessing has been in the news for a while now due to the scandalous and messy aftermath of her breakup with Ekiti Politician, Hon. Falegun.

The former lovebirds have spilled dirty secrets about each other and online trolls have had a field time with various takes and reactions.

In the heat of the brouhaha, fans have dug up an old post of Nkechi Blessing, where she prayed against social media drama after a breakup.

Nkechi who shared this on her Instagram page on April 20, 2020, also emphasized that the rate at which people in a relationship break up and come at each other’s neck is quite alarming.Nkechi Blessing reveals

In a now deleted Instagram post, she’d written ;

“In all the mistakes I will make in future, may I never make the mistake of marrying someone who will come and disgrace me on social media after a break-up,” she had written in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“What happens to moving on in silence? This same social media you do all the lovey lovey, relationships goals, you still come here to say ill things about same person? God forbid…move on in peace and shut the “f*ck up it’s very simple.”

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