Nigerian rapper, Azeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley, has sparked a debate on Twitter after he posed a though-provoking question to men.

Naira Marley asks

The singer took to Twitter to ask men, who do not give their women money, how they expect their significant other to feel assured about their love.

Naira Marley equated love and money in the tweet and his statement has generated a conversation on the micro blogging platform about the topic.

He wrote,

“How is she meant to believe you like her if you don’t give her money?”

His fans and followers have also shared their opinion about his post.

@Real_Cdob wrote,

“Is giving money the only way to show someone that you like her.”

@DanielRegha wrote,

“Giving a money, gifts etc. isn’t a proof u like or love her, womanisers also give their wives & lovers money. Most women aren’t after money or material things, they just want reassurance that they aren’t being played. Ur love, attention & genuine support is all that matters….”


“Exactly! Without us even requesting it. I hate asking so they should use their initiative and give freely. Ahh.”

@isabellaajuzie wrote,

“Relationship is not a Money making place. You were existing before meeting him my sister go hustle and and take care of yourself.”

@damilaremartin2 wrote,

“You can still be given money and show fake love. It’s not all about money Bruh.”

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