Popular content creator, Ife Luv has taken to social media to lament the state of her automobile after taking it to a mechanic for some minor repairs.

She shared a video on her Instagram page showing the current state of the car as she explained how the horrible incident occurred.

According to her, the car was in great shape with just a tiny problem when the mechanic carried it and he was supposed to return it the next day but used it to cruise around till it was destroyed.

Captioning the video, she wrote:

“A mechanic did this to my car. I’m in pains and my heart hurts so bad! He took the car for a minor repair and was to return it yesterday. This guy told me the car wasn’t ready, apparently he’s been cruising around with it. Got a call this morning that he crashed it! 💔💔”

Read some reactions to her post below.

Thelordhasdoneitforme wrote: “Please he has to go to jail. No this is too much”

Zeeqsaudat commented: “Pls don’t forgive him one bit! He should pay for it”

Fem_alesh wrote: “A social media Mechanic would fix this car jare”

Ekundharyor stated: “I’m short of words but pls let him face the consequences of his actions 😩🙏”

Thecuteabiola wrote; “Mayb he is pranking you , that’s not your car, or what type of play is this ? OHMG”

Watch the video below.

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