Friday, March 24, 2023

Meet the 33 year old virgin who says she’d remain a virgin if she doesn’t get married


A Kenyan woman, Rahab Mugure Nga’nga, has got everyone talking after she revealed that if she doesn’t get married, she would remain a virgin forever without ever having sex.


This was made known after the 33-year-old commercial service manager granted an interview in which she dished out tips on how she has maintained her virginity and stance.

Rahab said she has kept her virginity because of her religious belief and desire to please her God.

“I am a born again Christian and I do not want to offend God with sexual sin, sex outside the marriage bond is sin. I want to have sex, just like the next person, but because I haven’t before, it is not a distraction.”

She said her eagerness to please her mother and not disappoint her by getting pregnant out of wedlock has kept her strong.

She revealed that even though she was involved in two serious long term relationship which unfortunately ended badly, she has remained a virgin.

Rahab said she has kept her virginity because of her religious belief and desire to please her God.


“My first, which lasted two and a half years, ended because our ideals on sexual boundaries clashed. The second, which lasted three years, ended two months to my wedding date. I rush straight home from work and keep my socializing at zero until these winds have passed. I also avoid reading certain books or watch soap operas and I do not kiss or caress men.”

Rahab who has graduated with both a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Marketing says even if she turns 50 without getting married, she will remain a virgin and maybe adopt a baby.

God help her!

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Comments 476

  1. looking @the picture what do you expect???

  2. we still have women of virtue n integrity…


  4. God bless you

  5. She is older than her age

  6. the truth is dat. She’s ugly and no man ever ask her for sex. y won’t she be virgin

  7. Kendis Gold says:

    God bless u and give u d strength 2 carry on…….happi new month my pple

  8. Keep it up sis. Hope to learn from u when I come in the next world.

  9. Virgin of our say me kudos too her

  10. Gone are the days when virginity was a price..
    These days young girls sell theirs for lacasera,viju milk,shawamar,ice cream,doughnut,meat pie and little things that are not worth it…
    And now yhu say bcos this one is ugly thats why shes till a virgin…brother/sister its becos you are foolish thats why u said that
    Virgin na Virgin
    Tear rubber na Tear rubber

  11. More grease to ur muscle,,,haahaa.I wish u all d best to carry go till eternity.

  12. Danie Marvel says:

    I weep for a world that no longer values virginity……

  13. i dont agree, hw can i prov it?

  14. I am proud of you.God will protect you till you get married.Kudos!

  15. Very beautiful

  16. Grace Achor says:

    dats rite ma sister keep it up…… inspired

  17. Unique Lawze says:

    Na ur wahala, who u epp?

  18. those that s saying she s ugly wen taye taiwo was nobody how dos he looks like? even omenogor wey ugly pass her self don disflower tey tey

  19. Tony Cag says:

    lol simple case of self blackmail… doesn’t make her a good girl

  20. Ugo Peter says:

    U go old there.

  21. Angel.

  22. I would have love to be like you buh body no be firewood!!!!!

  23. Thats good.may the good lord continue to sustain you with boundless grace

  24. Prince Okey says:

    Keep it up , God will bring your husband in Jesus name

  25. Good.

  26. Hmmm I belive she is not from.Nigeria because if she is from naija she for don useam buy Suya

    • I guess you have buy suya for all the women in Nigeria and you have also slept with all the women in Nigeria that is why you know they no longer have one here

    • Lol see me see wahala abeg I mention your name for my comment am sure you are married if not I for finish nah

  27. Ugo Peter says:

    How do you want me to believe u. Not until I test and confirm it.

  28. Well done sister cos it’s not easy

  29. u da mad u dont wont to enjoy ur salf

  30. Good for you,who you epp?

  31. Tosin Mowo says:

    Sister no worry after u don reach 80 years u go see husband wey go marry u and disflower u. Greatest MUMU of life

  32. Chima Justin says:

    and so what,,,are you indirectly searching for husband

  33. Zubis Okoli says:

    tell am again brother

  34. Flora Adogun says:

    No mattet hw ugly you are as a lady,men will still ask u out….there is always something dat attract them to a lady…men even sleep with imbecile and mad women

  35. oya come to d other room now

  36. Wetin concern me and virgin..dem dey use am collect pension when person don Old?

  37. See teeth

  38. Am i witnessing this??? This new month!! Tarh am outta here.. Nah person like you dey use Cucumber

  39. her Virginity will certainly be food for the ant.

  40. Gbenga Amu says:

    Medically, virgin at 33 is very bad better open this thing now before its too late for u my dear

  41. Nancy Gajir says:

    Most you make every body nows ur virgin?

  42. Which Era is this woman from? For a woman dat is emotional dead, which man would want to marry her? No be say she be CEO of 1 company… I. for say she was too busy making sometin of her self… but look at that pix and you would know she placed this advert because she knows the time is clicking and she knows the amount of guys that show interest in her has reduced drastically

  43. Sunny Jay says:

    What is the name for this girl

  44. must you tell the world that you are virgin

  45. May God protect u dear

  46. Anie Edet says:

    I love dis ur advert for husband o o… 9ja men no de find virgin nowsadays cos dem know the work wer de involve.. all the best in ur searc

  47. I guess she’s Looking for a husband

  48. Its unfortunate that all these boys ,cos I refuse to call them men are the ones doing this,yet they insult women so much, your daughters will soon join the suya ,meatpie,viju milk as well,childish comments

  49. Make unna marry her na.

  50. Does it change anything if a lady is virgin or nt. Abeg, p*ssy na p*ssy

  51. Sunny Obialo says:

    For Nigeria or for were

  52. Who says men are exempted from remaining virgins until marriage. Girls, ladies women bla bla is there any scripture or culture which says na only women waka come virginity test n that men shd philander so all d guys talking abt virgins who do they sleep with ghosts?

  53. David Nwagbo says:

    Bless up. God is seeing u

  54. Sunny Obialo says:

    No virgin for Nigeria only virgin Air line

  55. Beautiful

  56. means what?

  57. I pray she keeps her word as she keeps her body …Celibacy

  58. Wow I will feel lonely and mad if I was in her state….. Hm

  59. And me who is not virgin.what will I say


  61. ar u sure dat dis is nt lack of opportunity

  62. Blabber mouths

  63. Don’t worry dear the almighty father will bless you with husband before the end of dis year ok just believe in him God will do it for you because he said anything we ask for he’s name he will do it

  64. Chai dis woman never get man to marry ooo talkless of getting married in earnest oga oooo

  65. Na only woman dey be virgin ?man nko………….

  66. abeg virginity no de show 4 face

  67. Nwagu Anny says:

    Y advertising it online
    Ur a virgin so?? Will bring down our economy or will it shut down recession
    Abeg go baff joor

  68. Do you enter there to know she is a Virgin, girls can claim whatever but all will be lies I the end

  69. Good keep it up, but is she married now?

  70. Who virginity epp?

  71. Mimee Musa says:

    Good for uuuuu

  72. Mimee Musa says:

    Nobody Care if u r a virgin this days o.

  73. Gift Becky says:

    That’s why she’s not fresh…looks older than her age

  74. Who certified her a Virgin please?

  75. Good keep God will provide you with a beffiting husband

  76. how does that concern my life. that is ur cup of tea. u can either drink it or throw it away. Next news please!

  77. Noel Stephen says:

    U stingy ooo… For gud 33 years you no the change oil how u the take cope… Abi u no get feelings …abeg Abeg make I hear word try n Epp!!

  78. Abeg make una live that virgin talk,most of this virgins have serious spiritual problem.l have seen a lot of them.lf u knw what follows women around,u will believe with me that most of this ladies saying they re virgins don’t willingly keep their virginity.

  79. Ahiaba Joe says:

    Nice one but u sure say; no be men no gree com fo u bcos of ur ugly face like mine…lol

  80. Hmmm, dis women is using dis medium to look for a husband, guys if na virgin u dey find to marry, see one now o go apply.. Lol

  81. Good keep it up. Come to think of it why not take up sisterhood to avoid waste of time.?

  82. Story story

  83. Yes please.tell us

  84. U are caused

  85. Me marry virgin God forbid bad thing

  86. I cant believe it

  87. Y must you post it that you are a virgin ? Even animals knows you are not a virgin you just want people to notice you

  88. Does been a virgin make you a good woman? Mchewwee

  89. Even if she is still a V, must she publize it???????? Cos I see no gain here.

  90. How can your virginity help Nigeria out of recession. Nonsense. People that have it don’t talk about it and people that talk about it don’t have shut up and get busy

  91. Bright Merry says:


  92. Publicize

  93. The happiest thing about her confession is God is happy with her and she is proud of herself while the Satan is very very angry with her and the posters did this to cause her mockeries and abuse. Am also proud of her and you should also be proud of her too.

  94. See you dey clock 40 o

  95. My sister God will bless u kip it up.u will find a gud husband.and all thoes people sayin ix becux shes ugly and its becux she havnt have sex dats why she look older dan her age,do u tink its easy?

  96. Baby you are missing something, a trial will convince you.

  97. Some Girls can lier,but I don’t know of this one.

  98. Rita Okafor says:

    And so f**king what,that is her business stop posting nonsense….

  99. Anita Iyang says:

    Carry on the gud work,,,,God will help u

  100. V ko V ni, you are not a v at all, see your breast flat, why did you come here to disgrace yourself. Did you think if u come here to tell the world that you are V then pp will come after you. That era has past. 10 woman will be on a line chasing one man not bc of V. Pls stop that

  101. Being a virgin does not make a woman a good wife ‘character wise’ nor does it guaranty a woman a happy home. Those ladies who did not married as virgins are enjoying every bit of holy matrimony while the virgin ones are still single.

  102. Virginity pays in the eyes of God and man,which is d Bible, ur husband,ur parents, but..,…… dear lady,don’t u think something is missing out here?bcos a man dat loves u will rush u to the alter immediately,rich or talking about ur relationship with men. Think very well about ur attitude, is ur character as pure as ur physical body? Pls check,bcos no matter how descent u are in every ones eyes, ur inner character matters alot.

  103. May be ur vagina no get hole

  104. She is not ugly, is the country that keep her like this.

  105. Prince Vic says:

    I love that…kip it up

  106. Keep it up my sister,as you keep honoring God,He will give u a man that will honor you too.

  107. The men or the women ..who are to blame. .? Sincerely speakig in the beginning. .if a lady didn’t wear hot clothes and never ask for money from a guy…who cares to sixsy her or follow her talkless of sleeping with. Try traditional, native clothes or Hijab and see your followers. ..women get stadiums and men are the players. .if the women refuses to open the stadiums will never get in to play…period

    • what of those men that sleep with mad women did she wear hot cloth

    • answer

    • Those men go for spiritual purposes. ..when it comes to that both men and women can do even more than that acts…we are talking of a normal grounds what’s happening between men and women relationships. .understand. .? Do you know number of girls..that guys twerked their buttocks bcos of Recharge cards,make-up money,fees and many more..? Google it and see the results. ..remember Christmas is around the corner now. .more bills will be sent to guys….keep your eyes wide shot…

  108. Tee Bruce says:

    Date for 3 to 2 years and dint end up in marriage…..something not right buh all the same great thing n good luck

  109. Been a Virgin is a great virtue. But it’s never a guarantee for a happy and successful marriage.

  110. Na becos she urgly and 33yrs wey make pipo dey abuse still no believe. So wetin come make di beautiful ones still dey singles???

  111. AG TopEighty says:

    Then go to hell with your yeye virginity

  112. Victor Musa says:


  113. well being a Virgin is good but there’s a saying that the beauty of a woman is character not Virgin, I have seen a woman that is ugly, that’s not even a Virgin but get married to a good husband so make sure your character is good Virgin or no Virgin you will get married to a good husband (anyway nice advert)

  114. Her problem… Nt mine


  116. Please keep it on, your own husband will come!

  117. Keeping to your covenant means you can retain a value without distraction. I salute your faith. May God design you with a good woman qualities as well. Keep your head high and you will never walk alone

  118. Its your life. Your choice. Enjoy it. Why bring it to social network unless it now feels frustrating, boring for you. Lol.

  119. Uchechi Okam says:

    Y posting it….or is she tired of been a virgin….abeg make I hear word

  120. Another way of seeking men attention for marriage. Must you come out in public to say it? I was disvirgin by my boy friend who is now my husband.

  121. Virgins here, virgins there! We seems to tagged it as something applicable to women alone. Come to think of it, is it only women that must marry as virgins? Ok! Men should keep on test running up and down, abi? Keke, abeg, next bus stop!

  122. Why are you advertising it on social network overgrown baboon

  123. Virginity doesn’t make a good wife… Some women were married virgins but yet can’t do what a good wife would do, do you think such husbands would wanna go out nd brag that their wives are virgins nd not a wife material. Even some prostitutes are worth more of a virgin.

  124. Tonia Igwilo says:

    Abeg..ur virginity will not lead u to heaven if u don’t know..and secondly,it only empty vessel dat makes d loudest voice.. if u are still, i don’t think there is need of publishing it cos i don’t recall any media announcing dat a 33 old virgin is needed..and less i forget yabaleft..where is her phone number and name for those men seeking for virgin to marry cos she must be there President..

  125. Truth always better for the ears of the evils, bird desame fedas floods together, my dear lovely sister keep it up the lord that create will not forsake nor abandon u , he will surely bring ur rip the bone of ur bone to u in jesus name , and for those fools of fornicators saying rubbish watch ur tongue before u remain deaf noises, if ur sins will allow u evils read ur bible revelation 2:16, james 4:4-10, i corinthians 6:15-20, romans 6:23, proverbs 5:1-23, proverbs 6:16-35.

  126. Being a v doesn’t grantees a better character as a lady, what matter most is your attitude. Futhermore did you need to tell the world ur a v?

  127. @Flora Adogun. Can u pls explain in detail wat u exactly mean wit your writeup/comment? Am waiting.

  128. Be you virgin or not virgin what matters is you’re characters and your attitudes towards your fellow human being.

  129. Olive Jacobs says:

    Marry ur wife nt a Virgin

  130. Bcos d girl did not bleach n make up she is ugly abii ….

  131. Maria Unegbu says:

    Na news

  132. Akuko uwa

  133. Joseph Onwe says:

    keep it up

  134. Sarah Dada says:

    Abeg una do virginity test for her, na so una no dey confirm news u go just dey post anything, my sister just say u dey use style advertise say u still dey single and u dey find person wey get interest in u #lobatan#

  135. Wahala dey ooo

  136. Happy new month to all the virgins and happy new month to every non Virgin why are we killing our self over small matter? It doesn’t matter if you are a Virgin or not what matters is how holy u can keep your self before God and man? Besides everyone was once a Virgin one problem or the other can lead to loosing of virginity so don’t abuse someone because he or she is a Virgin and also don’t insult others because of you’ve lost your virginity

  137. The Lord is your strength

  138. live d life u love, love d life u live dats all.

  139. Abeg what says the time