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Toke Makinwa has urged women in her latest vlog to snoop on their men as she describes herself as a ‘Proud Snooper’.

She also urged all women to join the ‘Team Snoop’ as she claims it saves them a lot of heartache.

Toke admitted that snooping was bad but that women were left with no option but to use it to monitor their husbands

Here are a few things she said:

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“You should snoop. People have found out that their houses are on fire; people have found out that they are married to other women’s husbands. I am a proud snooper and this is my advice for you, I am a proud snooper; this is me.

When you snoop your boyfriend or your husband, it is like you are stealing from the pot. But what else should we do? It is better women find out in the hard way. If you do not check, you will not know.

It gives you opportunity to know, the kind of relationship you are into. Checking has saved lives, and I would rather have my life saved.

Some men are gold-diggers. If the lady you are with is not good for you, leave her and look for another one. The earlier women know the better for them.

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It is funny how God uses even the most unbelievable things to bless you. I have been given a voice, a platform but I woke up one day and I found God, and with that came purpose. It is never about you.

Sometimes you go through things not for you but for the people around you who need direction. It is tough being a woman, the pressure is real.

You don’t have to be a victim; you can rise above it all. Do not let the society tell you otherwise. Be bold, be strong.”

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