Some lovely Ghanaian female nurses have lamented how men are not approaching them anymore for serious relationship.

These wearisome Nurses disclosed to that they are ripe for marriage but no man is approaching them for a serious relationship or marriage proposals.

Ghanaian female Nurses lament

According to them, Ghanaian men are scared to approach them for a serious relationship which will lead to marriage.

They added that their families are now putting pressure on them to get married and this has become a headache to them now.

They said;

“We are getting old by the day and no man is approaching us for a relationship or marriage proposal. We are worried. What is wrong with us that men can’t ask for our hand in marriage.”



  1. The reason why Men are not much interested it because Nurses they lack happiness,Fun & sexual fantasy due to what they sees, felt, experienced in each and every day from the workplace…Not just the Ghanian, the whole World..most of the time they get Married and later Divorce endup end up being singles..As a Men i feel sorry for them..remember not all of them are like that, but most of them are like that..


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