Soso Soberekon on why

Nigerian talent manager, Soso Soberekon has shared his opinion on why many couples are unhappy in their relationships and marriages.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the media personality asserted that many are in relationships for superficial reasons, instead of love and commitment.

 Soso Soberekon on why

According to Soso, most men are with their partners because they have banging bodies while most woman are dating their partners because they are wealthy.

Soso explained that dating for these reasons are a recipe for failure and unhappiness because marriage is not about look or financial status.

He posted a photo of himself and wrote,

“Nowadays, Men are dating the BODY while women are dating the POCKETS. that’s why nobody is happy.
Marriage is not about looks or income.
It is a lifetime bond and an unending friendship”

See his post below,

A while back, Soso made a bogus claim that men who make good husbands don’t have a big manhood.

He made this submission in a post shared on his Instagram page moments ago, while advising women on how to pick a partner.

According to him, when a woman meets a man who checks all of her boxes, she shouldn’t look at the size of his penis because good husbands don’t have big manhood.

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