Nigerian social media commentator Reno Omokri has shared via his page on X (Twitter) that nobody knows the secret to a happy marriage.

He also advised people not to compare their marital life to anybody’s union and do whatever works for them.

Reno went on to list names of successful in the world who didn’t have a happy marriage and are divorced.

In his opinion, some people can know the secret to success but nobody knows the secret to a happy marriage.

His post read;

“Charles III is a king, and he divorced. His siblings, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne, have also both been divorced. Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are billionaires, and they are divorced. Chris Oyakhilome is a pastor. Yet he divorced. Donald Trump is a President. Nevertheless, he divorced multiple times. The moral of the story is that some men know the secret to success, but nobody knows the secret to a happy marriage. It is obviously not royalty, money, power, or religion. So, don’t compare your marriage with anybody’s union. And do not look up to anyone’s marriage because you do not know the inside story. Just manage yourself and your marriage the best you can. Whatever works for you, as long as it is not a crime or sin, just jejely do it!.”

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