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A married man has sparked mixed reactions on Facebook after he made a case for the man who strangled his pregnant wife to death in Anambra.

Ikechukwu Obiora made the news yesterday after he killed his wife because she delayed in opening the gate for him when he returned home.

The man got married to his wife, Ebere Uzuegbunam, in August last year and strangled her to death on March 2, 2023, barely seven months after their wedding.

Man makes

He confessed to the crime after he was summoned by his in-laws to explain what killed their daughter.

“I returned home in the morning of March 2, 2023, and was knocking at the gate, but my wife did not open the gate immediately. In that anger, I started shouting at her. I first slapped and hit her from the gate to the house before angrily grabbing her by the neck and strangling her,” the suspect said.

Man makes

Reacting to the news, a Facebook user with name Ikpeazu Chinedu Bright said the husband probably didn’t know that grabbing his wife’s neck would kill her.

Chinedu added that women need to be counselled to stay focused in their marriages so as not to push their husbands to physically assault them out of anger.

Using his own marriage as an example, he explained that his wife spends a lot of time on her phone and doesn’t cook on time which annoys him sometimes.

He said if he one day loses his temper and beats her up, he would be labelled a beast without them knowing his wife incited the attack.

He concluded by saying, “Men go through a lot”.

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  1. Any Man who lives in a gated home should have a gate man. You supporting him, why not you strangle your own wife for spending time on phone without cooking?

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