Upset mature couple ignoring each other. Close up worried man in tension at bed. Mature couple angry with each other after argument. Husband get sad and despair when his wife told him for break up

A Nigerian man has stirred reactions after he publicly admitted to cheating on his wife, who stayed and believed in him when he had nothing.

The man with the Twitter handle @Naijawatch, while replying to a tweet, narrated how his wife lifted him when he was broke. According to him, his amazing “Mrs” believed in him when no one else did.

He then added that’s why he tells his side chicks that no matter how hard they try he can never leave his wife.

In his words,

“Thank God my Mrs did not have this kind of mindset. I was broke, had nothing and she still believed in me and she lifted me. And this is why I tell my side chicks “no matter how e sweet reach, I can never leave my wife”.

Reacting to his tweet, a lady chided him for cheating on his wife despite how amazing he said she’s.

“On top of how amazing your Mrs . is, you still have sidepieces! Na wa for you”. The Twitter user wrote.

He immediately defended himself noting that cheating is natural to men. “It is how God wired us men”, he said.

See how Nigerians reacted to his tweet below,

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